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1. June 2018


The Lady is in vacation from June 13 til 17.  I know you are addicted, so see this as my free punishment for you 😉
14. August 2016

Shoe fetish with Lady Mila

Hello you sex-addicts and bizarr creatures!   🙂 I was surprised to realize a growing number of men who are seriously interested in buying my worn shoes. I started to examine them […]
14. August 2016

Socks & Sneaker-EN

Socks fetish: anyone enjoys it too? Marc writes me: Hi. I’m Marc, 28 and since I was young I have a fetish for women’s socks. Most of all I like white aerobic / […]
11. August 2016

Clipstory 01 – The Sissy-EN

11. August 2016

These pics are a DREAM

Never have you seen Lady Mila like THIS! Check out her latest pictures and start dreaming. Maybe Lady Mila finds you worthy and grants you a session so that you can see […]
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