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Fetish escort


Your style craves for something extraordinary- those rather unusual erotic experiences create that certain tingling in various regions of your body? You rate sessions inside a professional studio as clinically sterile and unimaginative?

Would’nt it be far more casual, to “surprisingly” meet somewhere downtown, have a drink, and after this, go to your place, your hotel room, or given the right season, hide in the woods, where I make you feel my bizarre and dirty passions? Let your fantasies run wild!

There is hardly anything more stimulating than making your fantasies and ideas come true right there IN PUBLIC, among other random people who might or not have any clue of what we are doing right next to them?

Our “secret” ranges from fetish outfit to the utimate outbursts of your cunning fantasies. Sure enough we do not want to create a “public nuisance”, yet public attention and thrill by all means, YES! Fetish Escort definitely is an insane thrill, which I gladly offer in a location of your choice, since many people love games not only in their bedroom.

To enact a fantasy is one of the most exciting experiences ever. There are countless ways:  We can do cosplay: dress up in costumes or masks, use props, redesign the room with erotic decorations, do role play or tell erotic stories. Some people find it way easier to reveal their fantasies while playing a game. Choose a fantasy theme for yourself, perhaps you’d like your escort lady to meet you in a business suit or maybe you like to try her as a dominatrix.


Many men as well as women love submission games: Do you like to let me tie up? This is about the art of fixating your partner in a way that makes him feel so helpless. What’s the kick? Some people feel exposed  and subject so that have no other choice than to let go and give in and therefore enjoy sex which they could not under normal circumstances.

For some, the word “spanking” sounds like punishment and painful torture, but many people find that a pat by my hand or a flick with a soft whip can create a pleasant tingle on their the skin. Tingling and increased blood flow are harbingers of sexual arousal. The flicks should not hurt, but rather increase the excitement.


There is no limit to our imagiation. I am open for many varieties in playing . Voice out your wishes, my fetish escort services are without limits – as long as there is mutual consent.

Whatever you’d like and want to try, I provide the necessary items and gadgets and bring them to the venue of your choice: choice of shoes, clothes, and “tools” . Tell me precisely, WHAT and HOW you would like to experience, the more sparkling and exciting your Fetish Escort experience will be.

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